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The Process

Some of you have asked what the process is to create the perfect T-shirt, so here is a quick outline of the steps:

1 - Graphics
First, the graphics team transfer your text or graphic onto computer, finding the best font and size to suit your order. If you have given custom instructions, they follow your exact specification.

2 - Cutting
The next step is to cut precisely the slogan. The custom machinery can cut up to 30 slogans in just 2 minutes, using precision blades!

3 - Picking
Next, the picking team pick all the spare vinyl from between the letters and logos. It requires a steady hand, and patience!

4 - Collating the order
There are lots of combinations of shirts, colours and sizes... we pick out the exact one you have chosen from our stock, ready for the final T-shirt to be created.

5 - Making the T-shirt
The press ensures that the slogan is added to the right T-shirt in the right place; it runs at 140 degrees celsius (280 fahrenheit)

6 - Dispatch
The process ends with your order being sent out in the post, ready for you to receive and wear with pride and enjoyment.

Example Black T-shirt