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example sudoku puzzle

Sudoku (sometimes called Su Doku or even sudoko or soduku) has conquered the world recently - sudoku is truly everywhere, with thousands of people pitting their wits against sudoku puzzles, enjoying the game of logic with its simple rules.

We've created our own unique Sudoku puzzles. You can sample our sudoku puzzles below, using our fantastic online sudoku player tool, offering pencilmarks, ability to highlight wrong moves and much more:

- Play an Easy Sudoku
- Play a Moderate Sudoku
- Play a Difficult Sudoku
- Play a Very Hard Sudoku
- Play a Fiendish Sudoku
- Sudoku Generator

We have created Thousands of Sudoku Puzzles for you to play. These sudoku puzzles and your enjoyment of them can be enhanced with our fantastic online player as you can see in the samples above. You can enter pencilmarks manually or automatically, undo your moves, view hints, mistakes, check your solution and much more! Enjoy sudoku the interactive way at Saidwhat!

Sudoku Variants

And if you like other types of sudoku as well, then why not check out our Puzzle Club?

Here you can play many sudoku variants, including:
  1. Sudoku X
  2. Killer Sudoku
  3. Jigsaw Sudoku
  4. Slash Sudoku
  5. Offset Sudoku
  6. Killer Sudoku X
  7. Toroidal Sudoku
Play Eight Types of Sudoku in the Puzzle Club >>>