kakuro puzzle Kakuro is a puzzle that has been compared by many to sudoku. This is because a number can only appear once in a row or column. Kakuro has been compared to a numerical crossword. The grids used in kakuro can come in virtually any size, from simple, small grids to dauntingly large ones!

The rules of kakuro are simple: for each row and column of the puzzle, you are given a number, for instance 10. The total of the digits in each cell in that row or column must then sum (add up) to that number. Only 1 - 9 may be used in standard kakuro puzzles.

For instance, if a row of two squares sums to 3, then the valid combinations are only 1, 3 or 3, 1. 3, 0 is not valid as you can only use 1 - 9, and neither is 2 - 2, as each integer can only appear once per row / column.

If you feel ready and raring to go, and want to play a Kakuro puzzle right now, then feel free to try out our starter puzzle below. We've made it nice and easy to get you started and get into the swing of Kakuro. Play Our Starter Kakuro Puzzle.

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Adult Kakuro

We've created some Kakuro puzzles for you to enjoy. Why not try our:

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Kakuro has been around for a while. Find out about kakuro and tips to help you solve kakuro through our articles below:

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