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Buy Sudoku Puzzles

Saidwhat Puzzles, supplied by Clarity Media Ltd., prides itself in supplying quality sudoku puzzles to a variety of audiences, whether for a web site or a magazine or newspaper publication. We have supplied sudoku puzzles to a range of customers, from newspapers with a large circulation, through to a whole host of small websites and other publications. View a Sample Sudoku (PDF format)

If you would like to buy sudoku puzzles then please contact us with regard our sudoku puzzles supply service, all of which are generated in house.

Simply fill in the form below with details of your requirements. We can supply the sudokus in any format (e.g. Word, HTML, plain text, PDF, EPS or specified XML or database formats) and cater for any order, large or small, and a variety of difficulty levels. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

In addition we can supply Sudoku X, killer sudoku, Samurai sudoku of any size, jigsaw sudoku and many more besides. If you are interested in buying a sudoku variant puzzle and would like to know more about the options, please let us know in the form below.

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