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Kakuro History

Kakuro - like sudoku - a game that is sweeping the world.

Sudoku dominated the puzzling world in 2005, and towards the end of 2005, kakuro came along and started also to become popular. In the UK the puzzle appeared first in the Guardian newspaper, before starting to appear in other papers: The Telegraph, The Mail and no doubt soon kakuro will be in as many places as sudoku.

So, what is kakuro? What is the history of kakuro? Well kakuro might not look as unfamiliar to you as sudoku did. Kakuro has a grid very similar to that of a crossword - it can be of any size or shape. The only difference is that the numbers on the grid do not reference clues, but the sum of the digits in a 'run' - a combination of cells in a horizontal or vertical manner.

Kakuro is known as cross sum in some parts of the world, and is believed also like sudoku to have originated in Japan many years ago. In Japan, the puzzle is more likely to be known as Kakro.

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